Newark Medical Practice

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Routine appointments are available every day throughout the morning and afternoon. If you have multiple problems to discuss, you may be asked to make another appointment. The most important issues will always be dealt with first.

Appointments can be booked in advance, but we hold back a percentage of appointments which can be booked “on the day” This helps us to comply with government access targets. If you wish one of these “on the day” appointments please call as close to 8:00am as possible. If you feel your problem is urgent we will always endeavour to fit you in as soon as possible. We aim to provide a routine appointment within 48 hours although you may not always be able to choose a particular doctor. Please help the receptionists by telling them whether or not you feel your problem is urgent. The surgery is open  between 08:00-13:00 and 14:00-18:00 from  Monday to Friday. Doctors are available for telephone advice. You will be asked to provide the receptionist with a contact telephone number and a brief outline of your request.

  • The GPs consult between 9:00am and 11:30am and between 2:00pm and 6:00pm.

Missed appointments

If you cannot attend your appointment, please call and cancel. Patients who continuously do not attend appointments and do not cancel may be asked to register with another GP Practice. Many of our patients are suffering as this has an impact on available consulting time. We may not always be able to offer an appointment with the GP of your choice at a time that suits you but will try to accomodate you where possible.

Surgeries Running late

At times you may be kept waiting longer than you expected for your doctors appointment. Consultations can often take longer than the time allocated.

Please be understanding at these times as it may be you who needs more of your doctors time.

Home Visits

If possible please try to telephone before l0.00am with your request and current contact details. It may not always be the GP who attends when a home visit is requested, we have a qualified Advanced Nurse Practitioner who carries out some of our home visits. House visits are only available for patients who are terminally ill or housebound due to illness or disability. It is almost always better to see patients in the surgery where we have the appropriate equipment and backup to give high quality care.

Extended Access

We offer additional 2 hours each week in order to accommodate patients who are unable to attend within normal practice hours. These appointments are carried out between 7:30am and 8:30am. Please ask our reception staff for further information.